Terms & Conditions

Renter’s Responsibility

Renters are asked to book their events on the Opera House Web Site.

When the Manitou Opera House is being rented by an individual or organization, the Opera House Management Committee asks that the renter:

Before Event:

  • Shovel and/or sweep the entrance ways (when necessary).
  • Recognize that set up and tear down are the responsibility of the renter.
  • Renter is responsible to apply for their own event liquor permit which will be needed to be on the premises at the time of the event.

After the event

    • Stack the wooden chairs against the side walls.
    • Please load the folding chairs onto the trolleys which are in the ticket office at the back of the hall.
    • Sweep and wash the floor and stage area and all other areas used during the rental. Cleaning supplies are found in the caretaker;s closet at the end of the hallway, in the caretaker’s room off the Green Room, and in the old furnace room. If supplies run out, please contact Laura at 242-4490
    • Remove all garbage from bathrooms and auditorium; place in garbage bags and deposit garbage in community dumpsters on the south side of town. Reline garbage containers with clean bags (found in the caretaker;s room and in the old kitchen areas).
    • Wipe and stack tables in the ticket office – face to face, two tables in each slot.
    • Replace toilet tissue and paper towels in the bathrooms, leaving two extra rolls of toilet paper on the toilet tanks (these supplies are in the caretaker’s room).

As the Opera House is run by volunteers, we ask your cooperation in keeping it clean. We appreciate your help.

Thank you.