Foundation Projects

The Foundation’s Projects – and their Supporters

Since Manitou’s Centennial was celebrated, the Opera House Foundation has completed several projects. They include the curtain project, the round table project, the geothermal heating project, the electrical upgrade, the fire code upgrade, creation of a theatre lighting system, refinishing of the auditorium floor, creation of dressing room space in the ‘long room’ in the basement, and the repair and upgrade of the exterior of the building. The Green Room upgrade was completed by one of the stakeholder groups. As well, through the work of another stakeholder group, The Borderline Singers, the Opera House now has an excellent grand piano on the stage. The main auditorium holds 275 persons in a concert setting.

The balcony will also hold up to 100 patrons in a concert setting.

The Opera House Accessibility Project addressed needs which have been obvious for decades. The completed addition has received accolades for the detail and precision of the work.

Accessible Foyer and Washroom Facilities

The Access Wing provides a ramped walkway leading to a spacious foyer. The Access Wing is architecturally consistent with the Heritage style of the original building. The washrooms, at the back of the addition, are accessible and yet discrete. Stair wells allow access to the basement area. Access to the main auditorium is discrete and traffic flow easily managed.

Backstage Gallery

The Backstage Area is at stage height with a ramp allowing disability access. Sets, or the grand piano, can be moved easily for use or storage.  Stairs again provide access to the basement where sets can be built and painted.


Green/Club Room

The central room will serve as a Green Room, with a pool table, meeting area, and sofas where artists can relax. It can also serve as a Club Room where youth groups, clubs, and cast members can meet to rehearse or to discuss projects.

Archive and Dance Studio

The west end of the basement serves as a climate controlled Archive and Storage area with shelving and a meeting room table for study and research.

The former Kin Room will have a wood floor with pliable underlay and serve as a Dance Studio.

Servery Kitchen


The Access Wing includes a combined serving kitchen and meeting room. The servery kitchen provides ample space for workers to prepare to serve meals.

Here, the salads are all ready to be served for a banquet.