Individuals or organizations interested in booking for meetings or events are asked to book the event on the web site.
Each rental period is based on up to six hours use on a single day. In all cases, renters are responsible for set up and take down of tables and chairs for their event. If they choose to sweep and wash the floors, clean sidewalks, and attend to garbage, the cleaning fee is not required.

Generally, a one day rental will be charged $200. If the renter wishes the caretaker to do the cleaning, they will be charged $100. These fees are kept low to ensure the venue is accessible to all. Renters who feel the cost is too low are encouraged to make a further donation to the Manitou Opera House Management Committee.

An invoice will be sent to the renter’s email address once the  booked event has been approved.

Questions regarding bookings should be directed to Al Thorleifson at 204 242 4414.