Donation to Foundation

We would like to invite you to donate to the work of the Foundation. All donations are welcome and tax-deductible.

If you claim a donation on your income tax, as much as 46% of that donation is returned to you as a tax credit.

Donations elicit both federal and provincial tax credits, and they add up to 46% for any donations in excess of $200 per year (200+ in total donations to all charities per person, and one person can claim all donations by his or her family to maximize the credit).

They are tax credits, not tax deductions, thus they are equally valuable to anyone regardless of income level/tax rate. They are not deductions, so they do not affect other income-tested credits like Child Tax Benefit, GST credit, and seniors’ Guaranteed Income Supplement.

If you would like to make a donation, please send it to Lindy Sharpe as per the address below.

Thor Thorleifson, Treasurer
Manitou Opera House Foundation
Box 63
Manitou MB R0G 1G0